List of Installed Fonts

This download consists of a VisualNEO Win Function (developed using VBScript commands) and a sample Publication that demonstrates the deployment of this Function to load a ListBox with a list of Fonts installed on the User’s machine.

After storing the gkvGetFonts file in the Functions folder, you can Call this Function from any pub with a command like this …

Call "gkvGetFonts" "TrueType" "[myFontList]"

Upon execution of the above command, variable [myFontList] will contain the Registry Entries associated with all installed Fonts. These entries are made up of the Font Name and the Font Type like so …

Arial Bold (TrueType)”

The entries are separated by the Carriage Return code [#13] … so if the List Items: property of a ListBox is set to the variable [myFontList] … the entries will be displayed within the ListBox.

Note that if you want to use the ListBox as a tool for the user to select a Font Name … but not the Font Type … just follow the Call command with …

StrReplace "[myFontList]" " (TrueType)" "" "[myFontList]" ""

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