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This plugin is intended for VisualNEO Win only.

Advanced Media Player Capabilities

This exciting plug-in adds the advanced multimedia capabilities of Microsoft’s DirectX/DirectShow technology to VisualNEO for Windows. NeoDX. Play multiple sound, music and video clips at the same time. Independently control volume, balance and rate for each playing media file. Detect when a clip has finished playing. Set markers to execute actions at specific times during playback. Read MP3 tags. Drop in replacements for ViualNEO’s built-in PlaySoundFile and PlayVideoFile actions makes converting existing applications easy.

Tutorials and example publications are included.


Extensive online documentation.


All new licenses allow access to NeoDX for VisualNEO for Windows minor updates until the next version release. After that, you can continue to use versions of NeoDX, that were released before your license expired, indefinitely. Your apps continue to be yours to sell or share! To get access to new releases of NeoDX, you should renew your license.

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