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This plugin is intended for VisualNEO Win only.

File management made easy

NeoBookFM/FTP provides VisualNEO for Windows developers with solutions for the management of both local and remote files, all supported in a single and easy to use plugin.

Files and folders can be copied, moved, deleted, recycled, renamed, sorted and filtered. The application enables users to create folders, modify their date and time stamps, as well as change file attributes, and much more.

Files may be managed transparently in the background with scripting or interactively using a visible Windows Explorer style file browser component. File browsers can be used to display the contents of local drives or remote FTP servers.

Multiple browsers can be opened simultaneously, allowing files to be dragged from one location to another. Files can be dragged between local and remote locations (upload/download) or between two remote locations (site-to-site). You can even drag and drop of files to and from other Windows applications.

Files may be viewed in icon (small, large, extra large), tile, list, detail or thumbnail modes. Files can be filtered by name/extension and sorted by name, type, date or size. There is even an action to copy or upload embedded files directly from within a compiled VisualNEO executable App (exe).

NeoBookFM/FTP offers advanced VisualNEO developers with tools to override or customize many of the plug-in’s core features. In addition to colors and fonts, special optional subroutines can be created to override built-in confirmation and progress dialogs.


Extensive online documentation.


All new licenses allow access to NeoFM-FTP for VisualNEO for Windows minor updates until the next version release. After that, you can continue to use versions of NeoFM-FTP, that were released before your license expired, indefinitely. Your apps continue to be yours to sell or share! To get access to new releases of NeoFM-FTP, you should renew your license.

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