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Build Interactive Mobile Apps Easily with VisualNEO Web

Supercharge your web development with VisualNEO Web! Design and develop stunning WebApps effortlessly with our intuitive Windows software. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, VisualNEO Web has everything you need to create HTML5 Web Apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), NW.js Desktop Apps, and Mobile Apps that shine.

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Create Powerful Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

With VisualNEO Web, you can easily create and host your own PWAs. Deploy your apps from any web browser or use to publish them on major App Stores. VisualNEO Web compiles PWAs that are ready to impress.

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Develop Cross-Platform Desktop Apps (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)

Take advantage of the NW.js framework in VisualNEO Web to build desktop apps for multiple platforms. Whether it’s Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, our software compiles NW.js-ready apps effortlessly.

VisualNEO Web Programming Language

Unleash the Potential of Mobile Apps

Generate stunning mobile apps using the Volt Builder online service or Apache Cordova. Sell your creations on popular mobile stores like Google Play and Apple App Store. VisualNEO Web compiles Volt Builder-ready apps that will captivate your audience.

Unleash Your Creativity Combine text, images, sound, video, HTML content, internet links, special effects, and more to create interactive, professional Web and Mobile Apps. Our drag-and-drop visual interface and easy-to-learn NeoScript programming language make it a breeze, even if you’re new to web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, or JQuery. Perfect for students and designers looking to make a splash.

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Exciting Features at Your Fingertips:

  • WYSIWYG IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • RAD Tool (Rapid Application Development)
  • Low code & easy code
  • Simple installation process
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Compile to HTML5, PWA, NW.js, Volt Builder, and Windows Executable
  • SCORM 1.2 Authoring Tool
  • User-friendly wizard-assisted programming language (NeoScript)
  • Seamlessly integrate NeoScript, JavaScript, or both
  • Built-in database tools for MySQL and SQLite
  • Harness the power of Headless CMS integration (neoCms – Cockpit)
  • PHP WebServer included for smooth development
  • Unlock your artistic side with 2D and 3D vector drawing commands
  • Easily create quizzes and drag-drop games
  • Seamlessly integrate multimedia files (video, sound, images)
  • Generate custom plugins with our plugin generator
  • Access a range of plugins including neoPDF, neoTable, neoCms, neoQuiz, neoDrag, neoSVG, FabricJS, neoAnimation, neo3d, neo3dModel, and many more
  • chatGPT Plugin to integrate AI in your own apps!

Designed for Beginners and Professionals

Even expert web developers will find VisualNEO Web a powerful tool to develop professional apps faster. Integrate your favorite libraries directly or through plugins and their own wizards. You can even create and sell your own plugins in the VisualNEO marketplace. We’ve got you covered with a plugin maker included!

Rapid Application Development Made Easy VisualNEO’s floating tool palette and wizards allow you to construct a wide range of web-based applications with simple drag and drop commands. Add buttons, text, entry fields, check boxes, lists, and other interactive controls effortlessly. Create user-friendly interfaces, handle responses, display messages, play multimedia files, perform calculations, send information to servers, showcase websites, and much more. Plus, we provide over 30 plugins, samples, and tutorials to kickstart your creativity.

VisualNEO Web HTML code editor

Seamlessly Create SCORM Courses

VisualNEO Web doubles as a powerful SCORM 1.2


VisualNEO Web Screenshot

Rapid Application Development:

VisualNEO‘s easy-to-use, floating tool palette and wizards allow you to construct many types of web based applications using simple drag and drop commands. It’s easy to add, command buttons, text, entry fields, check boxes, lists and other interactive controls. Quickly create an interface that allows users to move through different app screens, enter responses, pop up messages, play multimedia files, perform calculations, send information to a server, display Internet sites, and much more.
More than 30 plugins and many samples and tutorials included!

Easy to Learn Programming Language:

NeoScript  programming language, a built-in scripting language and a variety of plug-ins are also available to extend the capabilities of VisualNEO Web even further.

No programming knowledge is needed to produce many types of Web based Applications, but authors who possess even a limited knowledge of programming or want to learn how to program, can access the built-in NeoScript programming language to extend the capabilities of VisualNEO even further.

Use your existing knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript to push even further the possibilities. Create your own Plugins to extend NeoScript programming language so you no need to memorize complex libraries anymore. You can even sell your plugins on our Marketplace.

Advanced functionalities:

Remote database support (SQLite and MySQL), complex animations, drawing API, SVG images manipulation and much much more.
VidualNEO Web is also multilanguage with about 30 already translated languages.

System Requirements:

VisualNEO Web: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32/64-bit). A hard disk with 100 MB free space.

Apps created with VisualNEO Web will run on most modern Web Browsers as Chrome, FireFox, Edge or Opera within the desktop or mobile versions.


All new licenses allow access to VisualNEO Web minor updates until the next version release. After that, you can continue to use versions of VisualNEO Web, that were released before your license expired, indefinitely. Your apps continue to be yours to sell or share! To get access to new releases of VisualNEO Web, you should renew your license.


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  • Vadim

    VisualNEO Web has a unique advantage that is certainly important for non-programmers (e.g. teachers, designers) as well as professional developers (from freelancers to large companies). This feature is that VisualNEO Web can be used for the full cycle of creating the required web/mobile/desktop application – from prototyping or simple applications by non-programmers (e.g. UI/UX designers) to subsequent development of complex applications by professional programmers in the same development environment! For the product manager, this means seamless process integration between the prototype and the final product! No more exporting pieces of code from the prototyping environment from designers to programmers – just continue development in the same source files, in the same VisualNEO Web, if you need to add something new. (Unlimited support for JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS of all popular databases and any web technologies). The simplicity of the language and clarity makes VisualNEO Web accessible to non-programmers, while infinite extensibility makes VisualNEO Web a convenient development tool for professionals and effective collaboration, productive and comfortable collaboration with non-programmers.
    I adore this program and recommend it to everyone!

  • cparente

    VisualNeo Web is a very intuitive program that helps me teach web applications for my computer science students, combining it with Pixelneo for the development of animations and graphic designs. Excellent application for students who without previous programming experience can develop amazing things, as well as for professionals. What amazes me the most is the ease with which databases can be managed, even for those people who do not have the knowledge in the development of web pages and dynamic databases.
    Really very happy because I see in my students the interest and desire in the development of web applications. I recommend to all professors, teachers of the computer science specialty, the use of this application. Do not hesitate to have it, it is excellent.

  • Pachy98cuba

    Excellent tool since, without having extensive knowledge of web programming, it has allowed me to create some very useful and interesting websites

  • Chillcoder

    Incredible software development tool. Very powerful and fun to use. I develop using a few tools but keep coming back to VisualNEO for its speed of development cycle. Amazing product. Highly recommended.

  • Alejandro A. Valenti
    Alejandro A. Valenti

    Muchos años de Neobook y resistencia al cambio… pero hoy me arrepiento de no haber migrado antes. Espectacular aplicacion, facil e intiuitiva que acompaña el avance tecnologivo y que brinda una herramienta de autor potenciada. Se suma a una excelente atencion personalizada y un foro de soporte con una comunidad excepcional siempre atenta a dar una mano. IMPERDIBLE!!!! No cometas el error que yo cometi, no te aferres a Neobook y prueba el cambio… VALE LA PENA!!!!

  • Alejandro A. Valenti
    Alejandro A. Valenti

    Many years of Neobook and resistance to change … but today I regret not having migrated before. Spectacular application, easy and intiuitive that accompanies technical advance and providing an enhanced author tool. It joins an excellent personalized attention and a support forum with an exceptional community always attentive to giving a hand. SAFETY PIN!!!! Do not make the mistake that I commented, do not cling to neobook and try the change … it’s worth it!

  • Neal Stone
    Neal Stone

    To those considering VisualNeo or those who just started, you will find this by far the best and easiest development environment. The cost is by far one of the lowest you pay for something so powerful. Most environments I have looked at were monthly subscription and you had to be connected to the internet for them to work as they were web based. I have seen subscriptions that were very expensive for what their environment did.

    The flexibility to create desktop apps, phone apps, Chrome apps and create some fun and awesome web pages stands out. Find me another design system that let’s you do that, that is affordable and easy to use as VisualNeo. Trust me I checked just to see what there was to compare too and while I found some cool design systems, they didn’t have the ease and flexibility of VisualNeo.

    Christmas is here so buy yourself a present. :)

  • Ad Bakker
    Ad Bakker

    Perfect program to make your life easy.

  • Chat GPT
    Chat GPT

    VisualNeo Web is an absolute game-changer! This incredible tool has revolutionized the way I create dynamic web content. The easy-to-use interface combined with its powerful features have significantly boosted my productivity. I can confidently say that VisualNeo Web is an essential asset for anyone looking to create stunning websites without any hassle. Thank you for developing such an amazing product!