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Create Custom Windows Applications with VisualNEO Win

Create and publish your own Windows software effortlessly with VisualNEO Win. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, VisualNEO Win makes it simple to combine text, pictures, sound, video, HTML content, internet links, databases, special effects, and more to create interactive, professional software programs. Try it for free now and see how easy it is to bring your ideas to life!

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Rapid Application Development:

VisualNEO Win’s intuitive, floating tool palette and wizards empower you to build a variety of applications using simple drag-and-drop commands. Effortlessly set up hotspots, command buttons, text entry fields, checkboxes, lists, and other interactive controls. Quickly design an interface that allows users to navigate through different screens, enter responses, pop up messages, play multimedia files, run other software, perform calculations, display internet sites, and more.

Use your favorite word processor or VisualNEO Win’s built-in editor to create formatted text with tables, multiple fonts, bookmarks, and hypertext links. VisualNEO’s user-friendly tool palette makes constructing applications straightforward and enjoyable.

Easy to Learn Programming Language:

No programming knowledge? No problem! VisualNEO Win’s built-in NeoScript language is perfect for users who want to extend the software’s capabilities without deep programming expertise. For those who do have some programming knowledge or are eager to learn, NeoScript provides a powerful way to enhance your applications further. A variety of plug-ins are also available to expand VisualNEO’s functionality even more.

Create Real Windows EXE Applications:

Turn your VisualNEO projects into compact, self-contained Windows applications (exe) or screen savers (scr) for easy distribution. No players, special drivers, licenses, or additional software are required to run the compiled applications. VisualNEO-created applications look and perform just like real Windows programs, giving you a professional edge without the need for years of programming experience in Java or C++.

Ready to start creating amazing Windows software? Download your free trial of VisualNEO Win today and experience the simplicity and power of visual app development!

System Requirements:

VisualNEO for Windows: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 , 10 or 11 (32/64-bit). A hard disk with 20 MB free space.
Apps created with VisualNEO for Windows will run under: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 (32/64-bit).


All new licenses allow access to VisualNEO for Windows minor updates until the next version release. After that, you can continue to use versions of VisualNEO for Windows, that were released before your license expired, indefinitely. Your apps continue to be yours to sell or share! To get access to new releases of VisualNEO for Windows, you should renew your license.


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  • Fernando A.
    Fernando A.

    This is a excelent tool. For me is very important in my work.

  • luishp

    Great software for professionals and novices.

  • jaynosamolar

    This tool is awesome… my programming skill is zero but this software encourages me to feel like pro…

  • Gilberto Morales
    Gilberto Morales

    I am a former user of NEOBOOK since its version on the DOS platform. I just bought VisionNeo Win and it seems like an excellent program with more options and much more modern. Thank you.

  • Vadim

    This is my favorite program! I feel happy when I do my creative work with VisualNEO! And my students can easily learn programming with VisualNEO Win. This programming environment has made the skill of creating programs available to everyone! I recommend it with all my heart!

  • Richard Boehm
    Richard Boehm

    Best Programm ever!

  • cparente

    What can I say about VisualNeo Win, the best I have used, as I am a computer science teacher, I made the decision to implement the development of simple applications with my students, having amazing results, we have even made complex applications. very intuitive, easy to understand and apply. I again recommend this program for application development, such as PixelNeo and VisualNeoweb.
    With handling of data structures, really complex programs and applications can be achieved. Application recommended for both beginners and professionals and for use, as in my case, in matters of the computer specialty in schools. Do not hesitate.

  • Pachy98cuba

    Excellent tool since, without having extensive programming knowledge, it has allowed me to create some very useful applications.

  • Ad Bakker
    Ad Bakker

    Perfect program to make your life easy.