Unleashing the Power of neoEdge: Desktop App Development with VisualNEO Web

In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, the neoEdge framework emerges as a groundbreaking tool for those looking to harness the robustness of desktop applications coupled with the flexibility of web technologies. This blog post delves into what neoEdge is, how it integrates with VisualNEO Web, and why it’s a game-changer for developers aiming to build innovative Windows desktop applications.

What is neoEdge?

neoEdge stands out as a compelling solution for developers, bridging the gap between traditional desktop software and modern web applications. Essentially, neoEdge is a compiled VisualNEO Win application that incorporates an embedded Microsoft Edge Web Browser, utilizing the powerful Microsoft WebView2 Runtime. This integration allows developers to create GUI applications for Windows, leveraging the extensive capabilities of VisualNEO Web.

The core of neoEdge’s functionality lies in its ability to host a web app while facilitating seamless two-way communication. This includes:

  • Accessing all VisualNEO Win commands from the web app via the embedded hpwPlayAction plugin.
  • Reading and writing VisualNEO Win variables directly from the web app, ensuring a smooth data flow between the web and desktop environments.

The Role of Microsoft WebView2 Runtime

At the heart of neoEdge’s functionality is the Microsoft WebView2 Runtime. This component is crucial as it replaces the older Internet Explorer WebView, offering a more contemporary and robust engine to embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into native Windows applications. Available in the latest Windows 10 release and downloadable for earlier versions, WebView2 must be installed for neoEdge to operate effectively, providing a more enriched and interactive user experience.

Integrating neoEdge into VisualNEO Web

Integration of neoEdge within VisualNEO Web is streamlined and intuitive. Represented as a menu bar icon akin to any other web browser icon, neoEdge can be activated simply by clicking its icon. This action immediately sets up your application to run within neoEdge, allowing full access to VisualNEO Win commands, thus enriching the app’s functionality without leaving the VisualNEO Web environment.

Deployment Made Easy

Deploying a neoEdge application is as straightforward as it gets. Before compiling your application, just tick the appropriate checkbox in the Project > Properties > Platform Options > Web. This process mirrors the deployment steps used with NWjs, sharing the same configuration file for a seamless experience. After compiling, download the neoEdge Redistributable Package, unzip it to your application folder, and run the executable. Your application will launch just like any other Windows application, no installation necessary, fully embodying the “develop once, run anywhere” philosophy.

Bridging Web and Windows

One of the standout features of neoEdge is its capability to integrate VisualNEO Win commands into the web environment seamlessly. This can be achieved through:

  • Utilizing the neoEdge plugin to execute commands.
  • Embedding VisualNEO Win code into a VisualNEO Web variable using the _Exec command.
  • Executing commands stored in a .txt file by specifying the path in the _Exec command.
  • You can run a local or a remotely hosted web application.

These options provide developers with the flexibility to use familiar VisualNEO Win commands while operating within a web-based framework.

Practical Examples of neoEdge in Action

To truly understand the power of neoEdge, consider these practical implementations:

  • Embedding Commands: Utilize the neoEdge plugin within your web application to execute VisualNEO Win commands seamlessly. For example, to show a message box, you would use:
      MessageBox "Hello" "How do you feel?" "Good|Fair|Poor" "[Mood]"
      If "[Mood]" "=" "1"
        AlertBox "Hello" "That’s wonderful!"
    _Exec "[myCode]"
  • Direct Execution from Text Files: For more complex scenarios, you might store commands in a text file and execute them via neoEdge:
    _Exec "C:\\path\\to\\your\\commands.txt"


neoEdge stands as a testament to the innovative trajectory of desktop application development, merging the reliability of traditional software with the adaptability and reach of web technologies. For developers using VisualNEO Web, neoEdge offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance application functionality, streamline deployment, and ultimately deliver a more robust and user-friendly software experience. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, neoEdge equips you with the tools to create versatile and powerful Windows applications that stand the test of time.