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Add to Favorites in VisualNeo @ luishp

Hi Luishp

It would be nice to have a option to add different action commands within a plugin from different authors to a favorite tab in  the action window. Example: If I click the "Control" plugin in "Action" window, I only want to add the "If", "Call", "GoSub" and "Delay" to my Favorites. There are hundreds of plugins and sometimes take time to scroll up and down to search for the one you want. Thus way I can access the action commands I use regularly much faster.

Just a thought for the feature update of VisualNeo

Thank you for your suggestion @impactband4u,
Meanwhile you can use the built-in action command search box to quickly find out any command.
Best regards.

Loading a large number of plugins makes the program heavier at startup. My advice - if the plugin is not needed - it is better to remove it from the program.


Andrei (as3856)