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Automation with VisualNEO

Reply to this thread if you are trying to automate web/ windows applications with VisualNEO & need help.

VisualNEO is no less than WinAutomation, the expensive uBot or the complicated Selenium

I'm very interested on web automation.
I have done some projects by injecting javascript code on web pages once loaded.
The possibilities are endless because it is even possible to add functionalities not present on the actual website.

If we talk about Web Automation with VisualNEO, I have even succeeded in auto-solving captchas!

1. Opened the site in WebBrowser Object,

2. Wait for page load to complete

3. Save the captcha image to [PubDir],

4. Use HPWImage Plugin to replace colors & simplify the captcha

5. Use David Esperalta's npTess plugin to convert captcha to text

6. Fill the captcha in text field by either using BrowserSetElement or by executing the following code with BrowserExecJavascript:



7. Submit the form by executing the following code in BrowserExecJavascript:



I believe everything can be done with VisualNEO.