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clear web app caching


I would like to create a web app, with the possibility to make updates online (adding data). I do updates myself for my client. But it seems necessary that the client clear the cache on his browser for each new update.
Is there a way, in the web app to make the caching clear automaticaly without the client be obliged to do it himself ?


@cdy44-2 take a look here:

Normally pressing Shift-F5 on the web browser while viewing the application should be enough to reload all content.


THank you for your answer. I knew that (Shift-F5), but I was hoping it was possible to achieve this task by lines of code....

It's possible but with server side scripting only (take a look at the link above).
A trick I usually do is adding a false random URL parameter:

This will force the browser to reload the content.

How do you use your trick with false domain ?

What's a false domain?
In any case just add ?parametername=value to the URL
An be sure the value is different each time.

Thank you Luis,
Sorry for "false domain", I mean"false random URL" .  :-)

It works !!

Have a good day !