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EncodeURI for Win

Any one know how to EncodeURI a string on visualneo win?

Hi @shajujahra , you can create a VBScript function in menu>>option>>function library , like:

Function UrlEncode(url)
 For i = 1 To Len(url)
  n = Asc(Mid(url,i,1))
  If (n >= 48 And n <= 57) Or (n >= 65 And n <= 90) _
   Or (n >= 97 And n <= 122) Then
   UrlEncode = UrlEncode & Mid(url,i,1)
   ChrHex = Hex(Asc(Mid(url,i,1)))
                        For j = 0 to (Len(ChrHex) / 2) - 1
       UrlEncode = UrlEncode & "%" & Mid(ChrHex,(2*j) + 1,2)
  End If
End Function

nbSetVar "resultado",  UrlEncode("[%1]")

and  from your program:

SetVar "[resultado]" ""
Call "UrlEncode" "http://your url to encode" "resultado"


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Using PowerShell:

$uri = 'https://example.com/string with space & OtherThings=?'
$ret = [uri]::EscapeDataString($uri)
echo $ret


David de Argentina

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You can send this function as a file?
And send a sample pub please.

hi @s7shanbe , sure...here you have it


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Utf-8 character encoding is not done properly?

hi @s7shanbe,

Even if you use for example, the encodeuri() function in javascript that does it in utf-8, VisualneoWin is only able to display ASCII/ANSI characters

Hi, @shajujahra

zmwClipTricks can encodeURI.

zmwClipTricks is available here, https://zmware.rcmediaservices.net/zmwcliptricks/


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