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FAQ (Read first)

What's VisualNEO?

VisualNEO is a project to bring everybody interested in programming the opportunity to achieve his goals. It's mainly designed for beginners but many professionals choose VisualNEO for its easy of use, speed and great possibilities.

What's the difference between VisualNEO Win and VisualNEO Web?

They are two software products completely different. VisualNEO for Windows is aimed towards Windows executables creation while VisualNEO for WebApps & Mobile will generate web based applications mainly to be hosted in a web hosting service or, by using Volt Builder or pwabuilder.com, in mobile App Stores. VisualNEO Web can also be used to create web based desktop applications for Windows.

Is VisualNEO Win a new version of NeoBook?

Yes, since August 2021 it includes new commands and functionalities not present in NeoBook. All NeoBook based applications source code can be compiled in VisualNEO Win but not the opposite.

I'm a NeoBook user. Does my license still works on VisualNEO Win?

No, sorry. VisualNEO Win incorporates a new license model and protection system.

Are plugins for NeoBook compatibles with VisualNEO for Windows and viceversa?

Yes, they (mostly) are.

I have some NeoBook plugins licenses, will they work on VisualNEO Win?

Yes, your plugin licenses will work on VisualNEO for Windows plugins.

Where can I download old NeoSoftware products?

Just send us your registration information and we will send you back a download link.

Are plugins for VisualNEO Win compatibles with VisualNEO Web?

No, they aren't. Here in our Marketplace we will try to associate all plugins for VisualNEO Win with blue color while plugins for WisualNEO Web will be orange.

Where is published the old NeoSoft forum?

We keep an online copy for reference only here: https://archive.visualneo.com

What if I have more questions?

Please, add them to this thread and we will try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

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As we have released a new VisualNEO Win version, I have updated this information on 2021/08/19
Let us know if you have any questions.

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