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How to - Modern Windows 10 UI In VisualNEO

Hello to everyone! Hope you are enjoying coding with VisualNEO.

In this thread, I'm sharing a sample application made visually with VisualNEO. This sample has a modern titlebar, circular progressbar, linear progress bar, button, scrollbar & a slide-switch. And you will for sure be amazed to know that all of these components are native and created with the help of VisualNEO's Ellipse, rectangle, polygon, picture, button & container object. The zip also contains the source code.

Developing modern UI in VisualNEO


Password for zip file is visualneo


Thank you very much for sharing this.

@neodude may I upload the file to the forum itself so it doesn't get lost over time? (I would take off the .exe). Have you added a password for any reason?

Best regards.

Yes please, it would be an honor.

I have added a password because some free file hosting sites don't allow exe files to be uploaded.

Thank you!
The file is attached below, without the .exe file.
I plan to add a repository for code, sample files and plugins in the near future, so every resource will be as easily accessible as possible.

Uploaded files:
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