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neoChart Plugin Beta

neoChart Plugin allows us to render animated graphic charts using library.
This long awaited plugin is a very useful tool developed by Gaev Keeka (@gaev)

Tutorial and demo:

Plugin and tutorial source code attached.
Thank you very much Gaev for this extraordinary plugin!!

UPDATED 2021/06/08

Uploaded files:
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Great, this plugin is really great too. Pleasant surprises come every day. I am very happy to have come across a product like VisualNeo Web and a community that supports it on my way. I hope to soon become able to contribute to the growth and distribution of VisualNeo web. In the meantime, thank you very much for everything you do.

Thank You luishp.


Hi @luishp and @gaev,

Thank you to make Visualneo Web a wonderful tool ! Everyone do appreciate your work !!

@luishp and @gaev

Thanks a lot for the great plugin! Very smooth graphics, beautiful!


Thank you for the acknowledgement.

In a week or two, I will resume work on the plugin to accomplish the stated goal (in the Tutorial) for v1.0

If you find any defects (bugs) or think there might be higher priority enhancements for v1.0, please let us know.

Also, please do NOT use the beta in Live (production) applications, as there might be one change in command structure from the beta version.


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I have updated the plugin and tutorial files with the latest version (1.0) from @gaev

The tutorial link now points to the last version too.

Now the plugin has new features and it's easier to render in a Container as it injects the <canvas> tag.
This plugin will be included in VisualNEO Web next version.

Thanks so much to @gaev for his incredible effort making this plugin for all of us!

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Buenas, puede ser que el NeoChart no tome variables en los valores?

SetVar [datosDataValues] "[totalArt]::[Totalplan]"

Si utilizo esto y luego renderizo no se muestra (El grafico no se forma). Si coloco los números sí que lo hace. Pensé que era porque la variable era numérica pero no es así. He intentado visualizar las variables en un texto y efectivamente los valores estan en las variables así que no sé que puede estar pasando.



This code worked for me ...

neoChartSetup [chart3] "" ""

SetVar "[titleOptions]" '{"position":"top","align":"center"}'
neoChartTitles [chart3] "World Population::By Continent::(in millions)" "[titleOptions]"

SetVar "[chart3DataLabels]" "Africa::Antarctica::Asia"

SetVar "[chart3DataValue1]" "1341"
SetVar "[chart3DataValue2]" "54"
SetVar "[chart3DataValue3]" "4641"
SetVar "[chart3DataValues]" "[chart3DataValue1]::[chart3DataValue2]::[chart3DataValue3]"

SetVar "[chart3DataBackgroundColors]" "grey::brown::seaGreen::orange::lightBlue::red::tan"
SetVar "[chart3DataBorderColors]" "black::beige::green::orangeRed::steelBlue::darkRed::saddleBrown"
SetVar [chart3DataBorderWidth] 2
neoChartData [chart3] "[chart3DataLabels]" "[chart3DataValues]" "[chart3DataBackgroundColors]" "[chart3DataBorderColors]" "[chart2DataBorderWidth]"

neoChartYAxisTitle [chart3] "Millions of Peeps" ""
neoChartXAxisTitle [chart3] "Continents" ""

neoChartRender [chart3] "bar" "ContainerAxesDemo"

Perhaps you can ...

a) confirm that it also works for you

b) post a similar code that does not work for you

@Gaev muchas gracias por contestar, creo que mi problema reside en el refresco de variables ya que el ejemplo que das sí funciona aunque no es lo mismo que propuse en un primer momento.

La idea era que en vez de esto:

SetVar "[chart3DataValue1]" "1341"

Se pusiera esto;

SetVar "[chart3DataValue1]" "[number]"

Y en un primer momento no funciona aunque creo saber porque. Es debido a que las variables no llegan a actualizarse, así que creo que lo he solucionado de momento.


Muchas gracias!


PD: no sabía de esto:

SetVar "[titleOptions]" '{"position":"top","align":"center"}'



Estoy probando este plugin y me surgen algunas dudas, en mi ejemplo quiero mostrar los meses en el chart de barras abajo y como el container no es grande los nombres o labels me quedan grandes y ademas no me muestra todos los meses solo algunos.


Se puede cambiar el tamaño del texto de los labels?

Neochart se adapta y muestra todos los datos en el container o solo los que entran en la parte visible del mismo

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