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neoPHP MySQL support (Beta)

Gracias @gustavo1973!
Creo que ya están corregidos todos los errores.
Acabo de subir una nueva versión
Por favor confirmadme que ahora todo está correcto.

Thanks @gustavo1973!
I think all the bugs have been fixed.
I have just uploaded a new version.
Please confirm everything works as expected.

Sigue sin funcionar

@guistavo1973 me equivoqué y subí una versión sin corregir.
Aunque aun no está al 100%, con la última versión, si debería funcionar (espero)
Siento las molestias.

Ahora si todo funcionando ok, gracias por tu tiempo y predisposicion

I have finally fixed the last known bug and uploaded a release candidate.
Due to the nature of this plugin, the debugging has been a bit more difficult than usual.
I want to thank @gustavo1973 for his patience and help with his samples.
Now there is a good support for both MySQL and SQLite databases within VisualNEO Web :)

Best regards.

Todo funcionando ok

Sin duda todo un logro para VisualNeoWeb que pueda trabajar con bases Myql, valió tu esfuerzo Luis y sin duda es una herramienta muy útil y que suma mucho al valor que ya tiene tu aplicación.

Mas alla de que VisualNeo sea tu hijo por llamarlo de alguna manera y merece tu atención, se debe agradecer tu predisposición siempre a brindarnos soluciones a quienes las necesitamos.


Everything working ok Undoubtedly an achievement for VisualNeoWeb that can work with Myql bases, it was worth your effort Luis and without a doubt it is a very useful tool that adds much to the value that your application already has. Beyond that VisualNeo is your son for calling him in some way and deserves your attention, you should be grateful for your predisposition always to provide solutions to those who need them.

Gracias Gustavo.

Más que padre, soy padre adoptivo :)
Pero lo quiero tanto como si fuera mi propio hijo y es un placer verlo crecer y hacerse grande cada día, jajaja.


Thanks Gustavo.
I feel more like a foster father :)
But I love it so much as if it was my own son. It's a pleasure to watch it growing every day LOL.

  1. I have downloaded the release candidate but neotable-mysql-table returns "No matching records found". The mysql-table app works OK.
  2. Is it possible to assign a new plugin name to the release candidate as this would allow me to continue using the version 1 plugin while evaluating the release candidate?


Sorry @bguk,

1. The problem was in the sample app not in the plugin. I have reuploaded it.
2. That's not possible because there will be a conflict in action names.

Anyway I think you shouldn't have any problem now with the latest neoPhp plugin version.
The previous one had some bugs, doing it more inneficient even for SQLite databases.
Please let me know if you find any issue.
Thank you very much.

I have now downloaded the release candidate 2 but neotable-mysql-table still returns "No matching records found". I used the plugin from RC2.

The mysql-table app now displays no values in the ID, Name, Surname and Age fields.

Please advise when release candidate 3 is available for testing.

@bguk it's quite strange, I have updated the sample app not the plugin as it's fine.
Attached is the sample app alone. Please check.

Uploaded files:
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So Luis, is this plugin finaly a secure way to use php and mysql in visualneo?

or it's just like old phpmysql plugin for neoappbuilder?

is it safe to make app using this plugin?

Hi @noyzen,

This plugin has been developed from scratch with security in mind, but good practices are allways a must regarding security.
As far as I know, the plugin is secure.


I started to try it.

so downloaded the plugin and sample app, did everything you said and i get:

No matching records found

when i checked things again i found that there is not database file and will not created after run.

(also tried run VisualNeo as administrator)


i downloaded and tested also, it gets undefined records.

(i can give you access to my PC with anydesk if it help you to see for yourself)

Hi @noyzen,

The database is hosted remotely in our webserver. If you want to test the plugin locally you will need to install MySQL in your computer.
neoPHP server does not include currently a MySQL server due to its huge size (SQLite is included).
Both samples within the plugin should work, but you must be sure to have a working Internet connection without firewalls blocking direct access to our web server where the MySQL database is located.

Here is a working demo (use "admin" for user and password):

Best regards.

Thank you, i understand it now.

but i don't get idea for user creation...

i mean if some one want to register in my app i have to let him login with admin user first? is this right regarding to security matters?

if he have admin user info he can do whatever he wants, is this right? i'm confused... :D

can you explain this for me please?

I have been successfully using a single SQLite table in the neoTableEditor app.

Now, I would like to select fields from 2 tables and while I can create a query containing a join clause in config.php, the neoTableConfigDB action in the startup event only suggests that one table can be used.

If you can confirm that I can use more than one table how will this be applied, and also if I can use the join clause in my SQL?


@bguk, you can use any SQL query.
neoTable can only add, edit and update data in a single table, although can show data from many tables.
neoTableConfigDB ask for the updatable table name and its unique primary field.

Let me know if you have any question.

@noyzen, you must use neoPhpUserInsert command in order to create new users (no autoregistration yet).
That command can only be used if you are logged in as admin, so you should create an admin app or section into your app in order to use it.
Note that you need to setup config.php first (read the comments in the template file under Edit > config.php (template) menu in neoPHP Server and let me know if you have doubts).
You can assign a maximum user level for each query:

-1: not necessary to be logged in to execute it (usually for SELECT querys).
0: you must be logged in as admin to execute it (recommended for UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE)
1: you must have level 0 (admin) or 1 to execute it.
2: only for levels 0,1 and 2.

You define what each level is useful for.
You decide if you need only admin user, more users or no users at all.

I would recommend you to start learning with simple apps first where no users are needed, then try using only admin user and finally adding more users and levels.


i think i understand it, but for my app i need users to register and make accounts for themselves, as you said its better to wait and let you finish plugin first and then see what can i do with that :)

i will try other features of Neophp for now. this is great plugin and i can do a lot of things with that... (i will share some asap)