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Print CustomWindow?

Hi guys, when I call up a Container as CustomWindow, how do I print only the CustomWindow and everything in it?

Thank You

Hello! You can do this.

Used plugin hpwUtility (Hans-Peter Wickern):

GetObjectHandle "Container1" "[HWND_Container1]"
hpwGetObjRect "[HWND_Container1]" "[Left]" "[Top]" "[Width]" "[Height]"
hpwScreenShot "[Left]" "[Top]" "[Width]" "[Height]" "[TempDir]file.jpg"
PrintImageFile "[TempDir]file.jpg" "-1"
FileErase "[TempDir]file.jpg"

Alternatively, you can use the command nscCaptureArea from the plugin NeoBookScreenCapture (NeoSoft Corp.).