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PWA Introduction


Hi Rocote,
I think I am like you. I progress little by little in the discovery of NVWeb. Sometimes we have the impression of going around in circles, we block on a subject, and by dint of dissecting each available tutorial, we take a step forward and we are satisfied. Now what I lack is a real idea of a program to do, which allows me to put into practice the "knowledge" that I am starting to have ...

Hello CDY44, you are right one day or another everyone must go through different stages to gain experience.

Hi Rocote,
Busy life experience! Programming for me is just a hobby. I am an avionics maintenance technician, specializing in inertial navigation systems for a large French airline. I don't have the opportunity to apply what I learn in the course of my work, it remains just an external passion. I am very happy to see the evolution that VisualNeo Web is taking.
...About elder brother is a former English teacher...So I understand what you're talking about ;)

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