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SetTempo plugin

For VisualNeo Win

I need a plugin that can set the tempo (bpm) (beats per minute) of a song (.mp3, wave, etc) faster or slower without changing the pitch of the song. Must work within my ListBox and tempo faster or slower must be controlled with buttons.

a Demo will be nice to see if it works and then I will buy it

With what limited knowledge I have on the subject, it seems to me that you're better off trying to control MIDI with BPM settings than with anything mp3.   And if MIDI could be used for your project instead, AND you don't need this to work off line, there may be some server side scripts that can do the job available.  Just wrap it.

hi, @impactband4u

I have designed a new plugin for VisualNeo win that gives you good features for playing music.

This version plugin has the following specifications.
1- Playing Mp3 and wav music
2- Bass and treble control
3- Play speed control means tempo
4- Volume control
5- Stop
6- Pause

An example of this plugin is provided for your comment



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Thank you Farhad !


Many thanks!!!

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