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Swipe between pages

I created a web-app with 3 pages.

Is it possible to program to scroll between pages by swiping?


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Hi @guust

I have just done a plugin for you (it will be included in next release).
Please download this file with the plugin and sample app.
Let me know if it works for you.

Best regards.

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Works great!


Best regards,


It's really simple to use the plugin.
To install the plugin go to Options -> Add/Remove plugins and press the Add button.

In your App put this code in every page (select each page and press the "code" tab):

neoSwipe "pageName" "getSwipe"

Change "pageName" for the appropiate page name.

Then go to Project->Subroutines and press "Add NeoScript Subroutine"
Subroutine name: getSwipe
Add this code:

.Posible values "left" "right" "up" "down" "in" "out"
If [direction] == "left"
ElseIf [direction] == "right"

It's very important to add a parameter pressing the "+ Add..." button below:
Alias: [direction]
Done. Now you can swipe pages left and right.


It work great.

Only: The swipe function don't work at the first page.


Only: The swipe function don't work at the first page.

It's strange. It woks fine for me.
Have you tried my sample app?

Yes. It works perfect.

Mayby it's because I use two language selection buttons on the first page who are a link to the two other pages?

Once I clicked one of these buttons it works perfect on the other pages. Exept on the first page...