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TCP/IP Communication

Hello all,

Im developing an small application for TCP/IP communication. The application is already working but I have one issue.

The messages I get from the external TCP/IP server (an PLC) are delayed with only a few milliseconds. The messages are in XLM format which I parse. Below an example of the messages.


The issue is that the message sequence is too quick and my application is losing from the eg. 20 messages several.
Currently I'm using the plugin npTalk from David which is otherwise an perfect solution
Is anyone around here who has experience with TCP/IP communication in combination with VisualNeo / NeoBook.

Thanks for your support.


Best regards,


Eric Beerhorst






There are also plugins for TСP, UDP:

Maybe some of them will do.
Sorry, I didn’t immediately see that the question is about web plugins))

I have moved the conversation to VisualNEO Win, as it seems to be the correct place :)

NO NO....  it is about VisualNeo Win / Neobook.





What's the source to fetch info from? Show it so we can try to communicate with it and see what we can do.

Hello Tony,


The source is an PLC. I cannot change anything in the way the PLC communicates.

Thanks a lot for your reaction.

Best regards,


Eric Beerhorst


I'm asking you to show how to reproduce this in realtime. How to connect to your "the external TCP/IP server" to obtain the messages and see what's going on?

Hello Eric,


what type of PLC do you use? Is your program a HMI application, or a data collector for products?

Isn't it possible to use a temporary file to transfer data (log from PLC to file and them read and process with your app?

Hello All,

Probably I found an solution for the issue. Currently Im testing with the alTCP plugin, and it seems that this plugin is capable to receive the messages in the correct way.

The npTalk plugin is a good plugin, I used it several times for other projects, but it looks that npTalk can not process the messages when they are too quick.

To give a bit of an explanation what I'm developing:

At an customer we have an AR installation. On one side is the customer PLC (logistics picking of materials), on the other side our AR software to guide the operators.

The AR software TCP/IP is not capable to receive and process the big amount of messages with the speed the PLC sends the messages. Out of 20 messages more than the half are lost.

I have already an application running next to the AR software which is processing images made of the final "product" for Quality usages.

The idea was to have the same application also have receiving the messages, which it then sends to the AR software for processing. I already developed the complete solution, but then the issue came up with npTalk not able to process. (npTalk did a better job as the AR software although, as it lost only about 10% of the messages).

Changing out npTalk with alTCP seems to solve the issue, but i'm not yet out of the testing phase to confirm 100% functionality.

I don't want to close this post yet, and I will come back when I have the final results.

Thanks to all for the moment for the great response and support.


Best regards,


Eric Beerhorst