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VisualNEO Web. Version 19.7.20 released


Free update for those who bought their license in the last three months:
The update is free only for users who have purchased VisualNEO Web within the last three months. They will get a new Registration Key in their email box very soon.

50% discount code for those who already have a license:
Users who purchased previously will get a 50% discount code in their email box very soon.

The new version includes a lot of new functionalities, improvements and bug fixes.

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 19.7.20

This is a major version update with many improvements:

  • New Drawing commands to create graphic SVG objects in runtime.
  • New Event commands to add events to objects in runtime.
  • New Multimedia video and audio players.
  • New animation properties and plugin.
  • neoPhp plugin now supports MySQL databases.
  • Runtime Object duplication and much, much more...

New Actions:
App (2 new actions)
Drawing (12 new actions)
Multimedia (24 new actions)
Objects (8 new actions)
Events (6 new actions)
Files (6 new actions)

New Properties:
Animations (without programming)
Transformations 2D & 3D

Updated Plugins:
neoPhp (MySQL support and safe user self registration)
FabricJS (Updated to the last library version)

New Plugins:

Deprecated plugins:
Advanced Animation have been deprecated in favor of neoAnimation

VisualNEO Web is now available in 29 different languages.

Updated online help:
Check it out here

Bug fixes.

You can download the new version from the downloads section.
Please let me know if you have any question.

Vadim, CDY@44 and 2 other users have reacted to this post.

Hello Luis,

Impressive. Thanks.

Update done, glad to support you.



Eric Beerhorst




luishp has reacted to this post.

Would like to thanks Luis and the rest of the team for your hard work.

Just install the update with my new registration code.  Thanks!

I didn't tried the new features yet but read about it.  These will be very usefull for my needs.

Great work!

Roger :)

luishp has reacted to this post.

Thank you very much!!! Very glad!!!

Any idea when the discount code e-mails will be distributed?  I have not received mine yet.  Thank you

Thanks for Update!...

@jclawson please send me an email, you should have received it already.

E-mail sent.

I have reuploaded the installation file as some language files were corrupted and couldn't be used.
If you are not using any translation file it's not necessary to update the software.
Alternatively you can download the attached updated language files. Just unzip them under mydocuments/VisualNeoWeb/Language)

Thank you!

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