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VisualNEO Web. Version 20.2.29 released


We are very proud to announce this release as it opens a lot of new possibilities to VisualNEO Web due to it's new and updated deployment options.

Free update for those who bought or updated their license in the last three months:
The update is free only for users who have purchased VisualNEO Web or an update within the last three months (after 2019 november 30). If you are elegible for a free update you will get a new registration key in your email within the next days. Please be pacient. Meanwhile you will enjoy a full version 30 days free trial.

50% discount code for those who already have a license:
Users who purchased previously will get a 50% discount code.
If you don't get the discount code in your email within a few days just send us an email with your Purchase ID.

The new version includes a lot of new functionalities, improvements and bug fixes.

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 20.2.29

This is a major version update with many improvements:

  • New PWA compile mode (Create Progressive Web Apps).
  • New NW.js compile mode (Deploy Stand Alone Applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).
  • Updated mobile compile to support latest PhoneGap Build version.
  • New Theme Manager Tool (Choose between 16 different BootStrap themes).

SetResponsivePages (Improved and simplified responsive system)
CsvToJSON (Convert CSV format to JSON)

New PWA Section:

  • ResizeDesktopWindow (Resize the window size once the PWA has been installed in a Computer)
  • IsInstalled (Detects if the PWA has been installed)

New Plugins:
neoDevice (6 new actions) Better device control (orientation, vibration and connectivity)

Updated App Properties:
For improved compatibility with PWA and NW.js, some properties will be prefilled by default.

Updated Default Libraries Path:
They have been moved from ProgramData/SinLios/VisualNEOWeb to MyDocuments/VisualNEOWeb/Libraries
This way you can easily customize the default icon and libraries included in your apps.

Updated online help:
Check it out here

Some minor bug fixes.

You can download the new version from the downloads section.
Some new forum section have been added to facilitate the transition to all the new deployment options.
Please let me know if you have any question.
Thank you very much for your support.

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VadimpaeonCDY@44noyzenSamuel Vanneste

Hi Luis,
Thank you !
Is it me, or the link is missing to the new release ? Present link is for former release. ;)
Best regards,


luishp has reacted to this post.

Hi @cdy44-2 sorry, it was only the button text. It's fixed now:


Awesome luishp!

luishp has reacted to this post.

Hi Luis,

Thank you !

luishp has reacted to this post.

Many thanks!! Huge work done !! Bravo!!!

luishp has reacted to this post.

Hi @luishp

very good and thank you

luishp has reacted to this post.

Excellent, many thanks for all the hard work.

luishp has reacted to this post.

Thank you all!

I have finished sending all free updates registration keys and discount codes.
If you are elegible for a discount code or a free update and have not received our email with the information please contact us by email or WhatsApp (don't forget to tell us your purchase id).

Thanks again!!

Vadim has reacted to this post.

Thanks to Luis and the TEAM.  Just bought my update.  Can't wait to try that!

Happy  Spring everyone! (Coming soon)

luishp and Vadim have reacted to this post.

Only 72hrs short of getting a free upgrade.. Didn't care!  Great support and another most excellent upgrade!


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luishpAnthony LaTorre

Great news Luis,

Thank you very much for all your support !!!



luishp has reacted to this post.

Wow! Esto es una actualización!, Excelente Luis, gracias!

Interesting, perfect! good job on updates :)

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