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VisualNEO Web. Version 22.6.20 released


Free update for those who bought or updated their license in the last three months:
The update is free only for users who have purchased VisualNEO Web or an update within the last three months (after 2022 march 20). If you are elegible for a free update please send us an email with your Purchase ID and System ID asking for a free upgrade. Please be pacient. Meanwhile you will enjoy a full version 30 days free trial.

50% discount code for those who already have a license:
Users who purchased previously will get a 50% discount code.
If you don't get the discount code in your email within a few days just send us an email with your Purchase ID.

The new version includes a lot of new functionalities, improvements and bug fixes.

Software: VisualNEO Web
Version: 22.6.20

This is a major version update with many improvements:

Core updates:

New license registration system

  • Now it doesn't require to write into Windows registry but a simple .key file under c:\ProgramData folder.

New core commands

  • HasClass (detects if an object has a given CSS class)

Additional core updates

  • Updated Chinese language (Thank you @zhzw007)
  • Updated Spanish language

New Plugins:

Updated Plugins:

  • neoChart (Thank you @gaev)
    • neoChartDynoReplace (new command)
    • neoChartDynoRemove (new command)
    • neoChartDynoInsert (new command)
    • neoChartDynoRender (new command)
    • New tutorial (Click here for more info)
  • neoCms
    • neoCmsGetForm (new command)
    • neoCmsLogOut (updated command. Now restores previous API key)
  • neoSvg
    • neoSvgSetEvent (new command)
    • neoSvgUnsetEvent (new command)
    • neoSvgToPng (fixed callback property)
  • neoPdf
    • neoPdfDownloadFile (new command)

Updated documentation:

  • Available online, in .PDF and in .CHM formats (available under MyDocuments\VisualNeoWeb\Documentation folder) .

You can download the new version from the downloads section.

Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.
Thank you very much for your support!

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Thank you so much for your continuous and helpful work!!

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La opcion nueva para NeoPdf de descarga, en que cambia con la que ya existe en el plugin actualmente "neoPdfDownload" ?

This is awesome.  Already purchased.  Ignore comment on wrong post.  LOL

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Saves the document as PDF with a custom file name

Es decir, que puedes indicar el nombre del archivo.


Thank You Very Much.


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Thanks you,
Great update!

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Hi @luishp,

Luis, I am really admiring how involved you are in the continuous improvement of NeoVisual Web.
Each update is a real nugget! Thank you very much for your work!

Best regards,

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Will be installing and checking out soon. The list of improvements is impressive.

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Thank you for all your hard work! You are definitely a hero! Have a happy heart without sadness!

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