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Don't judge a book by its cover

This post can be confusing for beginners. Please refer to this only if you have had atleast 1 month experience using VisualNeo.

VisualNeo appears simple and easy to use but don't let its simplicity limit your horizon. VisualNeo can be used to develop almost anything.

Things I've been able to do with VisualNeo(NeoBook):

  1. Bypassing the "Only one internet action can be performed at a time"
  2. Analysing & breaking captchas
  3. Developing modern UIs with Neobook
  4. Replicate Multi - threading
  5. Replicate Dynamic Object Creation

Plugins that I've created:

1. Sqlite plugin with encryption support

2. cURL plugin

3. Windows Registry Plugin

In next few replies to this thread, I will share cool stuff that can be done with VisualNeo (along with source code).  Please subscribe to this topic.

Thank you very much @neodude
Can't wait to see what you have to share!

Here comes my first post!

How to make a modern windows 10 UI Application in VisualNEO