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New blog post: Windows Command Line in VisualNEO Win

We have just published a new really usefull new post from Reinier Maliepaard:

Windows Command Line in VisualNeo Win

Don't miss it out!

To help command line.



@luishp Thanks for the informative post.

@mishem Thanks for the share.

AlConsole Plugin
alRun "command & parameters" "Synchronous (True/False)" "[output_variable]" "sub_output" "sub_end" "True"
.sub_output is called after the command output is completed. [Only in async mode]
.sub_end is called after end of all tasks.  [Only in async mode]
alRun "dir C:\*" "True" "[Log]" "sub_output" "sub_end" "True"
.Note: sub_output keeps executing and text keeps buffering[piling up] in Log variable [Only in Async mode]
What is Async mode?
Your app can execute a heavy command in background while it does something else  in foreground. For example - You can create a media player app which can backup a folder with 20GB music files in background while playing some music in foreground at the same time.
When do I need Async mode?
If your command takes longer than few seconds, consider using Async mode.

@neodude, I have just give you moderator permission on the forum so you can upload files directly.
But please do not upload .exe files.
Thank you very much for your contributions, very much appreciated.
By the way, the blog post is from Reinier. He has a very interesting book published on Amazon about it.

Best regards.

Thank you, its an honor for me.

I will not upload any executable file.