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Opensource YouTube Video Downloader

Our user Reinier Maliepaard made mcYouTube Downloader v1.0 for a colleague who does not like the command line.
The colleague's request was: 'don't make me think, I only want to download a YouTube video or its audio'.
The result is a simple program and his colleague could not do anything wrong.You can download mcYouTube Downloader v1.0 via: (38,3 MB)

Unzip and run mcYoutube-dl.exe.
The downloadable zip contains executables, annotated source code, images, license and GNU texts.

Thank you Reinier!!

Hello Luis.

The link no longer seems to work.
Where can I find this plugin?
Thank you

@feli it's on @reinier website.
He will get an email notification and I hope he can answer you here soon.

Hello Luis.

I found the solution to download a video youtube and play it!

It's not very hard...

If anyone is interested let me know.



@loishp & @reinier

I would definately be interested in the YouTube downloader.




The correct download link is:

Best regards,


Hola Reinier,

El programa no funcionaal mnos en Windoes 10. El mensaje dice que falta una librería dll.




Hello you ! First you need to download the file 'youtube-dl.exe'. (Google) For my pub ... You need to rename this file 'tbe-dl.exe' and place it in a sub-folder of the .pub named 'fichiers'. .

Surely this is not the best way but it works.




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If anyone wants to help me improve it it is with pleasure ^^.

Thank You, i'm also interested and will have a look at it.



Some explanation on my mcYoutube-dl that you can download via

If my program mcYoutube-dl does not work on your machine, then probably msvcr100.dll is missing. Find it via Google (I cannot recommend a credible, trustworthy website) and place it in the directory of the program.

On some machines with Windows this dll is present. On my Windows 10 machine (64-bit),  it is found in the directory Windows/sysWOW64, on my old Windows 7 machine in Windows/System32. However, I bought yesterday a new machine and the dll was missing: mcYoutube-dl did not download a video. So I copied the dll from my older machine to the mcYoutube-dl directory, and the programm worked flawlessly (maybe after clicking the button Update).

I hope this helps.

Best regards,



YouTube offers sometimes high quality HD video's. This can be inconvenient for you if you want to download such a YouTube video. In that case, you like to have a lower video and/or audio quality resulting in a smaller video download. By default, my program mcYouTube-dl downloads YouTube videos with the best video and audio quality. However, in the current release v.1.2 you can manage the quality parameters by yourself.

You can download code, executables and msvcr100.dll via

Have fun! BTW any comments are welcome!

Best regards,



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