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VisualNEO Web. Version 21.2.3 released

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I imagine that in VisualNEO Web I will be able to enter my username and password from GitHub and as a result this will allow me to save my project to the GitHub server and vice versa - synchronize with what was saved there, as well as work in a team with different people on the same project from different computers.

This is how it works in Delphi:

And this is how I imagine the integration of VisualNEO Web with GitHub in the future (I tried to describe the benefits as it would sound to a user of VisualNEO Web):
VisualNEO Web supports working with GitHub repositories.
Here's what this means for you:
1) BACKUP THE PROJECT - You can save a project to your GitHub repository with one click (even if your computer's hard drive fails, you will not lose your project - it will be in your folder (repository) on GitHub, among the folders of your other projects) ;
2) AVAILABILITY OF THE PROJECT FROM DIFFERENT DEVICES - You can work with the same project from different devices (click "synchronize the local version of the project with the version on the server" and continue working on the project);
3) TEAM WORK - You can work on a project together with others providing a full development cycle in a single development environment! (for example, a designer can work on the visual part of the project, and a programmer on the code, while GitHub will show exactly who made which changes);
4) OPEN CODE - you can connect to the world movement and publish your code for free, contributing to the world community (so that others can make their forks) or just to demonstrate an example (for example, for your question or answer on the forum);
5) BRANCHING - You can create branches for bug fixes or new features you are working on; You can merge changes from multiple developers and even your own branches into a main source tree; You can easily undo bad changes or experiments that didn't work.
6) ECONOMICAL - post releases of your projects available for download via the link to free up space on your hosting;
7) SECURITY - You can use the Zenodo service through your GitHub account and independently create DOIs for the releases of your projects. DOI stands for "Digital Object Identifier" - a special link that turns your release into an official publication, allows you to link to your release in other publications (for example, in scientific articles) and that protects your authorship, for example, from patent trolls (which may be very relevant for startups and other proactive commercial projects).

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