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VisualNEO Win. Version 21.7.4

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Free update for previous version VisualNEO Win users.

Software: VisualNEO Win
Version: 21.7.4

We are really happy to announce this new VisualNEO Win version.
This is a minor version update with some improvements:

New Commands:

  • StrRegexIsMatch. Execute a regular expression and return True/False.
  • StrRegexPos. Execute a regular expression and return a list with Pos and Length of found-pos
  • StrRegexList.  Execute a regular expression and return a list.
  • StrRegexSplit. Split a string with a regular expression.
  • StrRegexReplace. Replacing with regular expressions.
  • StrRegexSubstitute. Substitute in a string-template with regular expressions.

New Global Variables:


VisualNEO Win current version (ie: 21.7.4)


Windows Build number (ie: 19042)


New compile option:

Added compile feature to allow the application start as hidden (not visible). Just choose the new option for Initial Window Position: Outside Left.
Allow to build a batch script app without a visible window and button on the taskbar. No flashing window/button.
The script can make the windows visible by setting the pos of the window. All features remains possible including plugins.

Hidden VisualNEO Win App

Updated Online Help:

Download from:

Again this update would have been impossible without the hard work of the great german developer Hans-Peter @hpw
Let us know if you encounter any issue.
Thanks a lot!!

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Hans-Peter ! Thanks so much for the helpful new update!!! Very cool!!!

I'm happy to see my favorite program go up!!!


Luis, this is unbelievable!!! What a team!!! Thank you so much!!!

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Thank you @luishp and @hpw

I do appreciate your efforts to make VisualNeo Win updated !!

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Thank you @luishp and @hpw

It's great to still VisualNeo Win still being updated.

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Great job and thank you to take care of this cool software!

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Thanks Luis <3

I'm so happy to see VisualNEO Win getting updates also.

and this one is what i need right now for my software and failed to do it with plugins!

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Great job, thanks for what you do. You can integrate these functions within visual neo, some of these functions can be found in your plugins but I think they are essential functions. Thank you.

Uploaded files:
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Thank you @luishp and @hpw

Very Good.

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Very happy to see work is still being done on this amazing program. It has so much potential and is highly valued. Many thanks to the developers, very talented people, and hopefully it will continue to grow.

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I just happen to have a need to pick up a series of files for processing. Using a regex makes this so much easier. What a practical addition!

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Thank you!

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So, good to see this is still getting updates Visualneo Win (old neobook) is one of my favorite and loved programs. It's unique there is nothing that allows you to program something in windows easily and quickly. Please continue to develop and support it, and thank you for this small update. Very Welcomed! :) 

Thanks for this, indeed.   Does this upgrade work for the last version of NB or does this require a purchase of VNW ?

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Neal Stone

@rcohen NB doesn't exist anymore since 2018. To get any upgrade you will need a VisualNEO Win license.
Most NB plugins and their licenses will still work within VisualNEO Win.

Best regards.

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rcohenNeal Stone


I'd love nothing more than to see it continue.  Are there plans for further development, and if so, might I inquire as to the direction?

Thanks Luis



@rcohen a new major version is coming. @hpw is including some great feautures including complete .zip compression management (files and strings), .ini files edition and mime streams.

New commands:

IniWrite, IniRead, IniKeyDel, IniReadKeyList, IniReadSectionList, ZipString, ZipFiles, UnZipToString, UnZipToFiles, UnZipToMimeStream, ZipFileList, ZipRenameFile, ZipDeleteFiles, ZipGetComment, ZipSetComment, FileToMimeStream, ZipMimeStream.


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Stupid question.  Can Mime be used in the way that UUEncoding is used for newsgroups, etc?




Not sure what you need for newsgroup.

The MimeStream is the base64-encoded couterpart of the binary file.

Here we use a freeware lib from here:

So the base64 format is a widly used standard format.

I have used it over years to pass binary data between my plugins: hpwImage <=> hpwUtility (for example)




UUEncode seems different from base64:

A comparission:





Thanks Hans.   I was wondering how a basic user of VisualNeo Win would use this feature.   I didn't see a Mime ---> Binary command listed, so that left me wondering what I could DO with the mime stream...

Thanks again for your time Hans

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