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VisualNEO Win. Version 21.7.4

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A few sample out of the dev-version:

SetObjectFileName "Picture1" "[MimeStream]J4040.png"
ImageWindow "Show MimeContent" "-1" "-1" "[MimeStream]J4040.png"
PopUpImage "-1" "-1" "[MimeStream]J4040.png" "0" "None" "0"

Every command which currently supports [Embedded] graphics should work now with [MimeStream].

In the past there was a sampe for hpwKnobCreate (hpwUtility). The last demo shows how 15 images are dynamicly created in hpwImage and used for the Knob.

And last but not least the new Zip commands will support InMemory-Zips. As also embedded zips.

So embedding gets a subfilesystem which supports pathes.

Many other uses might be possible.






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Thanks Hans,

So, if I'm understanding this right, this allows us to use RAM space as file space for processing?

Sorry, much of this is over my head ;-0

Thanks again


Hello Robert,

Yes, you are right. But is not so complicated when you think about it.

It is the same way as the internet handle binary content. (all sort of media etc.)

It gets encoded and streamed to the clients.

When the browser wants to use it, the stream gets decoded and the data processed.

In VNW this can help you to avoid temp-files. It might also things speed up.




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Thanks Hans.


Thank you Dave, @luishp and @hpw

Very Good to see VisualNeo Win getting updates.

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