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PWA Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWA are getting more importance as a standard way to create and distribute Web based applications.
Although we plan to add a better support for this standard, it's possible to generate a PWA from any VisualNEO Web HTML compiled App quite easily thanks to this online service from Microsoft:

Once your App in installed on a server It takes just a few minutes to add a manifest.json and a service worker.
Soon it will be possible to publish you apps to the Android Play Store, and even as a Windows or Mac executable.

More information here:

Let me know if you try it or need assistance.
I have succesfully transformed two WebApps into PWA in just some minutes.

Very good news!

New Chrome version includes a "one click" installation button for all PWA websites (autodetected) on every platform.

Take a look here for more info:
(Got to Progressive Web Apps Are Easier to Install section).

You can test it by visiting with latest Chrome version (Desktop or mobile).